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I've been looking around at various composting methods including worm bins, tumblers and plain old "piles". We live on a small suburban lot, and I need some guidance. Cost effectiveness and least amount of odor are top priorities. What would you suggest?

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Nope, now my friend and compost Guru Buzz says that a tumbler needs to turn on the long axis. This is a ridiculously simple and easy design:

Cornelia said:
I think I've found the right composter for me. A DIY tumbler composter for my urban backyard - made from a plastic barrel, an aluminum rod, two clamps, two pressure-treated 4x4 posts and some cement mix. Here's the video that inspired me:

Now...to find a barrel...
For me on a postage size yard (less than 1/14 of an acre) the easiest, most most effective method has always been trench composting. If I need finished compost then I just dig out a bit from one of several trenches I have going. Hint - mark the trench with slat from a discarded window blind that's dated.

I have just made one out of a plastic kitchen garbage can, with holes drilled in the sides. I put a mix of brown leaves and green grass clippings and kitchen vegetable scraps, as well as used tea bags and coffee grounds. I have the lid loosely on the top with a rock holding it down, and kind of mix it up every couple of days, and add a bit of water if it seems too dry. Does this sound like it's going to work, or am I approaching it the wrong way. I live in Central Texas, so the weather here has been on the dry side and between 50's and 70's in the daytime.  Thanks!


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