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Eat the streets! edible street trees and guerilla gardening

mary said:

Eat the Streets! (edible streets of Berkeley):

Having just moved from a farm to the city, I was beside myself as I walked by countless edible plants and neglected fruit trees every day. Being also unemployed, and volunteering at the food bank, I decided to do a little matchmaking and get this data out to the public. Its a work in progress, but Ive mapped many plants that can be easily grabbed from the sidewalk. I keep it in mind when I walk across town and grab a fresh healthy snack on the way to my destination, or a few groceries ont he way home. I dont recommend anyone bogart the harvest, just take what you think wont be missed.

Among the more interesting crops are pink peppercorns and rose hips, both of which Ive harvested but not yet used. Any tips would be much appreciated. Also figs are very productive here and just now ripening.

You can view and edit this map at

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Here's our East Central Illinois version of the same thing! The Urbana-Champaign Fruit Map.



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