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What are your tricks for staying fresh as a daisy after your sweaty rides? Do you bike to work? Do you then sink-shower? Baby wipes? Powder?
Inquiring minds (and stinky pits) need to know!!!

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I used to do a 5 mile ride from Williamsburg, Brooklyn into Manhattan for my old Wall St. gig. The ride was a lot of fun since there was a bike lane for almost the entire distance.

In the summers I would go to work at 6am in the morning and leave the office around 3pm. The mornings were cool enough to avoid be a sweaty mess. On my way home I'd be disgusting, but I could shower once I got to me apartment.

During the winters I would leave for work at 9:30am and leave the office by 5pm. I know a short day. I wasn't a good employee :).
I'm not a bike rider (yet) but I will pass a long an interesting bit of info about changing your body smell. I know that sounds weird, but hear me out. During the last 3 months of my wife's pregnancy, my mother in law moved in. She's an amazing Vegetarian cook, and we were sprouting our own and eating sprouts everyday. After about a week, I noticed the funk under my armpits didn't smell so "funky" anymore. Rather it had a kind of Maple Syrupy smell. My mother in law mentioned she wasn't as stinky either. It was a pretty interesting.
Nice thing about sprouts is you can sprout them all year, for some fresh greens, and try lots of different types of seeds. I don't know if it's a solution for "bike stink" but I didn't have to wear deodorant for a while.
Wool. It's the lowest-stink material out there. I use synthetic shorts and shirts when I run and go to the gym but when I want to try to run as low as possible on the stink factor, like on a backpacking trip, I opt for wool.
Ditto the info about types of fibers you wear and diet. Synthetics, while being comfortable, wicking things, hold on to stink as much, if not worse than, cotton. Wool is best. Super-wash merino is the least itchy. Also, about diet, I find that following a vegetarian , whole food diet with lots of veggies really cuts down on the b.o.- the only time I get smelly sweat is when I am stressed out. I used to bike to work for years, and I just did a basic sink wash up when I got there, and kept some deoderant and a hand towel in my bag. It was never a problem, but then, it was also a really casual job.

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