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Are GMO plants an invasive species under Executive Order 13122?

I asked this question on Twitter responding to a Mother Earth News comment and didn't receive any responses.

So, I found and read a USDA white paper on Executive Order (E.O.) 13112, Invasive Species, dtd.Feb 3, 1999 (link #1 below) along with the actual EO document and read an interesting definition. E.O.13112 defines an invasive species as “an alien species whose introduction does or is likely to cause economic or environmental harm or harm to human health.”.

The USDA white paper specifically lists "Altered Business"as an example of harm while the EO lists the full definitions used on page one of source#2 below.

To start the discussion I'll list my humble opinions:
A. GMO are not a natural propgation, (man-made origin). GMO crops are therefore not native to any ecosystem.
B. Farmers being sued and taken over by business growing GMO crops that contaminated or "invaded" the non-GMO crop are examples of altered business opportunities.
C. Decrease in beneficial insects and increase in weed resistance are environmental impacts and
D. Likely human health impact is still unknown, therefore should be considered harmful until proven otherwise.

Following the definition of harm coupled with the populous surge against GMOs, the question is something to mull over with your morning coffee and of course add to this discussion.

Sources referenced:
USDA White Paper http://www.invasivespeciesinfo.gov/laws/execorder.shtml
E.O. 13112. Invasive Species. http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/FR-1999-02-08/pdf/99-3184.pdf

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You go John! I think you are on to something here although I am not surprised that no one responded to your question. They truly believe that if they brush everything under the rug that we the people won't be the wiser. We need to find a way to utilize this information to stop the GMO crops.

Thanks for the reply and support Karin. Maybe this will start a discussion here or in the legal world, maybe even give an activist group another avenue of approach and try this as a defense in court.

Interesting ideas there John, and I have heard about item B (Farmers being sued) although I know of none personally. The idea of the invasive species though, places the culpability with the agency of origin; e.g. Monsanto, et al. But the biggest kick for me is: "therefore should be considered harmful until proven otherwise". If a few of our public leaders had the idea that they could be held responsible for the Harm brought about by the GMO industry which they have allowed and encouraged and profited from, then perhaps they may take more of a long view concerning the effects of killing off honeybees and butterflies along with cutworms. 

Monsanto and the other biotech companies are not going to admit that GMO crops are potentially harmful or invasive.  These companies use some of their wealth to pay massive amounts of "political payola" (bribes) to get a majority in Congress to support their interests.  In addition, the biotech giants use additional funds to create positive research results on their products, while "blocking" negative research results on the same products. Meanwhile, Monsanto does proceed with litigation against farmers who have growing GMO plants simply because they invaded from another area.  You need to keep in mind that Monsanto operates more like a criminal gang than a corporation.

In support of my above claim, see all the scientific evidence of what Monsanto's Agent Orange (w/ dioxin) has done in Vietnam.  Over 500,000 Vietnamese are dead as a result of exposure to Agent Orange.  More than 400,000 Vietnamese infants were born with very horrific birth defects because their mothers were exposed to Agent Orange.   The VA is paying thousands of Vietnam vets with major disabilities proven to have been caused by Agent Orange.  Yet, Monsanto still claims that Agent Orange was, and is, a safe product that causes no harm.  At Purdue Univ., researchers found that Monsanto's Roundup herbicide with glyphosate causes cancer and sterility in livestock, and will probably do the same to humans.  Monsanto has claimed that Roundup is organic, biodegradable and totally safe (a big lie).  

If you are dealing with corporations that lie, and bureaucrats as well as members of Congress who help them lie, it will be a long time before GMO plants are determined invasive. 

There are aspects of the GMO issue that have been overlooked, such as what is the consequence of using GMO plants as feedstock for compost. The official arbiter on organic issues (OMRI) has decided that manure from GMO fed animals is safe and can be part of an organic gardening regime. However, they have not decided on the validity of GMO feedstock for compost. Since we have no idea which plants are GMO, we may be very well polluting our gardens with GMO material since it is doubtful that the genes would be destroyed by the relatively low temperature of a compost bin. This could become as important an issue as persistent herbicides and pesticides in compost.

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