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I am interested in gifting a home beer brewing kit but I'm wondering if there is a preferred/recommended product out there.  What's your favorite for a beginner?  It doesn't have to be the simplest or easiest by any means, just a good quality and complete, with some room to progress (I'm hoping to benefit down the road, obviously).

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!

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It probably doesn't make much difference which kit you start with because none of them are going to produce a very good beer compared to the comercial ones. However, they all help the brewer to learn a little about the process and if the brewer has the inclination, the brewer will proceed with the learning process and eventually end up making some good brews. The Mister-Beer kits are the easiest but also offer the least amount of learning. The extract kits in a single can offer more hands on but also require more additional equipment. I suggest finding a homebrew shop and buying a gift certificate so the individual can go there, ask questions (learn a little in the process) and detemine which kit they want to start with. That way there is some buy-in from them which will likely cause more care and interest in the project.
By the way, I'm the President of the Escambia Bay Homebrewers in Pensacola Florida and have some experience in the matter;-)
Kali, there's a ton of good info in the Brewer's Pub group, too!

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