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I am interested in starting a hive and looking for any information on the do's and don'ts. I was always told that eating local honey could help your allergy symptoms and since there's nothing more local than you own backyard, it seems like a great idea!

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I would talk to a local honey supplier and see if they would put a hive on your property. I know in my area they are more than willing to do this, and then teach you all about it.
That is a Great idea! Thanks!
In NC we have the Cooperative Extension Service, which aids small farmers and DIYers with all kindsa home projects. They have recently promoted home beekeeping in response to the decline of the honeybee. They offer tips and tricks, also part of the year free hives and equipment. Does MA have anything similar? If so, they'd be a great source.
I will definitely check into it. I'm not sure if MA has a program like that set up but it's worth a shot! Thanks.
Look for the local beekeeping club. They sometimes have classes to help and will offer mentoring. There is a club in every state, so check that out. It really helps if you have someone to call who knows bees.
Ive just started working on a small farm with bees - Ill check it out next week and let you know!
I read a great article in Gourmet last summer about beekeeping -- it might be up on Epicurious or gourmet.com? More narrative--really well written--on growing up with beekeepers and then becoming one himself than hard and fast help. Good luck!
Thanks everybody! This is all good stuff!
My friend Julia Rutland on Facebook is an apiarist (I think that's what beekeepers are called.) Check her page out and see if she has any tips - maybe a good resource or a book..?
Thanks for all the info! I've signed up for beekeeping classes through a local bee association and have been reading like a maniac. I've also ordered bees from a local apiary and they are scheduled to arrive in the spring. For some reason I was unable to find a local source to set me up with hives. Regardless, it looks like things are off to a good start!
An interesting article about the success of using native bees. http://www.ethicurean.com/2009/02/09/buzzkill-can-native-bees-do-th...
LOVE this link!


Back Yard Beekeepers Association

BEE - my Valentine! :-)

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