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Hello everyone! So excited to be apart of the homegrown family. I was wondering if I could plant summer lettuce in cinder blocks? And would greatly appreciate some advice.

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Hi, Leola! So excited you're here! My knee-jerk reaction is that concrete cinder blocks would hold a lot of heat, and since lettuce is a cool-weather crop, the combination of summer plus that extra heat retention might be too much. But I'm just spit-balling here. I'll post this on HOMEGROWN's Facebook page, and between folks seeing it here and there, fingers crossed we'll get some more knowledgeable responses for you!

Leola! A few responses so far from HOMEGROWN's Facebook friends:

  • Adam Coutcher I think the cement would get too hot?
  • Louanne Updike It might be too hot now and may bolt to seed immediatly. Wait for milder weather.
  • Tim Hammond-Williams talk to Southern Exposure Seed up in Mineral VA for zone specific seed ideas and heat tolerant varieties. lettuce is very adaptable.
Thank you to everyone who responded to my question. I think I'll wait for the cooler season...

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