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This 101 comes to us from HOMEGROWN member Maryanne, a wreath-making machine from Columbus, Ohio. Thanks so much, Maryanne—and please keep the good ideas coming!

We hear all the time, “Re-use, re-purpose, re-cycle!” Well, I love that, so when I came across this super cute coffee filter wreath, I was on it! You can use white filters or brown ones, or you can tea stain them (my personal favorite). You can make them match any room in your home. I’ve even seen them dyed different colors with food coloring. Any way you choose, they’ll look wonderful!



» 1 round wreath form (a grapevine or Styrofoam wreath or an embroidery hoop will work—whatever is handy!)

» 1 pack of coffee filters

» glue gun and glue sticks

» tea kettle, tea, and large bowl (optional; for tea staining the filters)



1. If you go the tea staining route, make a strong pot of tea in a large bowl. Save a cup for yourself! Add the coffee filters to the bowl and let them soak until the liquid achieves your desired color. Squeeze out the excess water. At this point, you can let them sit until they're dry, or, if you’re like me (impatient), pop them in the dryer and let them have a go-round for ten minutes or so. Won’t take long. Now you’re ready to assemble your wreath.

2. Take a coffee filter and fold it in half once, then again (see photos at right for demos of each step).

3. Take that folded coffee filter and twist it near its folded end.

4. Hot glue the twisted end to the wreath.

5. Repeat with additional filters, one by one, until you’ve gone all the way around the wreath.

6. The sides of the wreath are a bit trickier. Taking your folded, twisted filters, begin working downward and continue all the way around, filter by filter, until you’ve completed the circle. Repeat with another row of filters. Depending on the width of your wreath, you might need another row or two beyond those.

7. If the backside of the wreath is going to show, you can fold filters and glue them to the back (see photo at right).

8. Hang your wreath in a spot of honor—or give it as a gift!


Got a question for Maryanne? Or another use for coffee filters? Post your comment below and keep the conversation rolling. You might also be interested in the Hand-Knit Apple and Pear Ornaments 101, the Crocheting with Plastic Bags 101, and the Recycling Yarn 101, and you can always find more things to make, craft, plant, grow, cook, preserve, and twist in the HOMEGROWN 101 library.



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