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Hi all:


We just had a big truckload of compost donated, and we are going to use for transplanting.


I have a question about it.  The driver said it is made of compost, mulch (a little), ash, sand, and manure (he didn't specify what kind, but it is stinky so I'm thinking maybe cow and chicken).  The pile has been composting for about a year and a half.


With that kind of mix already in it, and it being so old, I'm wondering if we can use it fairly directly (maybe with some perlite added) or if we need to put in something else.


What do you think?




PS - Also the pile is HUGE, so if anyone is near Zebulon NC and wants to come and get a bin or two full of it, you are welcome to come.



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In my opinion you can absolutely use it for your transplants. Definitely don't use it to start seeds with. Cut it with perlite/vermeculite to aid in drainage if there isn't enough sand it it already and you might want to add black soil if you have it available to you on your land. Fun that it was donated!
Thank you! We're going to mix perlite and get rolling!

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