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I'm planning on building a little greenhouse out of reclaimed antique window frames.  I live out in the country and someone  mentioned to me that it may turn into a house for snakes (garter and black).  I've only ever seen one garter snake around the house, and it's not like it's snakesville or anything, but the thought of walking into the greenhouse and seeing snakes kinda freaks me out.


Does anyone have any thoughts or experiences with this?



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I wouldn't worry that much about it... if you end up with a lot of gardener snakes, I would think it's because you have enough bugs and other pests to support them. They are pretty handy for managing pests naturally. They don't like you anymore than you like them, so you don't have to worry about them trying to get you. They would be seeking the greenhouse for warmth and food.

Thanks Rachel :)


I agree with you that they're good to manage pests, and I was fine with Gillian, the cute little garter snake that was around last summer.  I just don't wanna walk into the greenhouse and see lotsa them.

I can't imagine seeing a ton of them... unless your greenhouse pest situation was out of control... I bet if you maintain good pest control, you'll only see a few.
I wish I had more snakes!  Snakes = less voles and mice

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