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This 101 comes straight from the HOMEGROWN brain of Kerry Anita, a crafter/cooker/runner/
yoga practitioner who makes her home within earshot of the ocean along Florida’s coast. Get to know her then follow her personal blog for more seaside wisdom. Thanks, Kerry, and please keep the good ideas coming!

Crocheting is one of my favorite hobbies, and these wine cozies are my latest creation. I've already given three away—with a bottle of wine, of course: two as birthday gifts and one as a hostess gift.
They seem to go over well!



The following instructions assume some solid familiarity with crochet skills and terminology. If you’re looking for more of an intro to the basics or need a quick refresher, check out Craftyminx’s (free!) crochet school. Still with us? OK! Let’s
get to it.

» 1 skein of 4-ply 100 percent cotton yarn

» 4.5 mm crochet needle

» crafting needle


Chain 5. Join to first stitch with a slip stitch.

Round 1: 15 double crochet (abbreviated going forward as “DC”) in loop around.



Round 2: 2 DC in each DC around

Round 3: 2 DC in first DC. 1 DC in next DC. Continue around.


Round 4: 1 DC in each DC, around.

Round 5: Chain 4. DC in second DC (ch 1, skip next DC chain, DC) then continue around.


Rounds 6-20: Continue to repeat rounds 4 and 5.


Round 21: Feel free to switch yarn color here if you’d like. 2 DC in each DC, around.

Round 22: 2 DC in first DC, 1 DC in second DC. Continue around.

Round 23: Single chain (SC) in each DC around.

Finish by weaving ribbon through round 19 and stitching in loose ends.



Got a question about Kerry’s chain of command? Or a link to another crochet pattern that you’d like to share? Post it below and keep the conversation rolling. If you’re more of a knitter, you might be interested in the Hand-Knit Apple and Pear Ornaments 101 or if you’re more of a novice, check out the Knitting 101. You can always find more things to make, craft, plant, grow, cook, preserve, and loop in the HOMEGROWN 101 library.



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