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I'm very new here, and this is my first post.

Hello all,
 I'm not new to keeping wonderful gardens. Growing large amounts of food in a small amount of space.
 My success is the rabbits I keep. They feed my gardens with droppings and hay. The soil just gets so nice to dig into and grow. Earthworms thrive here as a result. Rock hard dirt turns to soft dirt without a tiller.
 I was wondering if anyone else does this to make their gardens grow?
 Since this is the best fertilizer in the world! Also a pet rabbit can be kept in most places. Unlike other livestock. They are quiet animals, and will be happy to eat any extra things you grow.
I'd be happy to share about how this works here.
 I raise critical endangered meat breeds. Silver Fox & American breeds of rabbit. Both are known as Heritage breeds and are on the ALBC  critical endangered  list.
The ones here, are purebred pedigreed show animals, and very much  loved. I'm interested in getting more 4-H & FFA kids started in saving these breeds. 
Also to share the wonderful relationship between raising rabbits and growing fruits and vegetables.
 So any interest in that please share your ideas.
Thank you

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Absolutely love bunny poop for the garden it works wonders.
Currently I am raising Giant Chinchillas which are also a heritage breed on the critical list. We only provide rabbit meat for our own personal use. We're not very vocal about our meat rabbit activities but we have found that if you can't have fowl, rabbits are a nice alternative especially in an urban homestead.
Here's a link to a blog post about my really huge buns http://thirtyfivebyninety.blogspot.com/2009/02/attack-rabbit.html

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