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OK, so It's a trick question, I just wanted to see if anyone is alive on here.

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I  got  an email when you posted a new discussion. And I am very much alive!!

Alternative energy = awesome

Well, Hi there. Sorry for the abrupt intro, It looked like lots of posts were from years ago, an I was just beating the brush to see what flew up. Hi!

I do hope to do Renewable Energy when I grow up. I was once told "Alternative" Energy was originally coined  by the fossil fuel industry in the 70s as a derogatory term for Renewable Energy. I'm thinking in the big picture, the Sun has been around a whole lot longer than fossil fuels. If anything, Dino poop is the newbie on the block .. I remember talking to Grammy about the first car she saw. She said everyone thought it was just another Fad and that those stinky contraptions wouldn't last long.. I'm thinking she might be right.. Not even 100 years later and we're starting to figure out we might have bought a pig in a poke. Pleasure to meet you. db




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