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I live in Tucson, AZ and would like to take advantage of my car and the heat. I have all this free heat and it doesn't make sense to me to buy a dehydrator and plug it in. Has anyone used their car as a dehydrator? Any tips and tricks? What should I use for trays (and what shouldn't I use)? Can the car get too hot - will that leach nutrients? 
Just wing it? 
Thank you! 

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I have been wanting to try that too! Since it's not too humid I bet you will be fine (maybe leave your windows cracked.) You could probably just use any old screens or trays as long as there is air circulation.

You could also try a solar oven and bake in your car.. there are a lot of great websites about solar cooking. I'm so curious to see your projects!

p.s. I lived for a summer in Chiricahua National Monument.. I miss that Arizona lightening! But not the "monsoons" :p Can't wait to go back and visit someday.
I have a friend that does this. I'm not sure what she uses as trays, but we live in northern california and it works well here.
Interesting idea! Here's a blog post I found about someone who tried it: http://thetanglednest.com/2009/08/drying-food-in-car/
I tried this yesterday with two bananas. I don't have a thermometer so have no idea how hot it got in the car (to kill mold,etc.), but ate them right away and am fine. I split the bananas down the long way into their natural three pieces. Put them on an oven pan and put the pan on the dash. The car got full sun all day. I flipped each piece after a few hours. Perfect! Will try with other fruits and vegies.




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