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I'm deep in a couple of Eliot Colman books and I'm going a bit mad. I've had the idea of being able to farm a small plot of land for a while but its hard to believe achievable holding down a full time job. Are there people out there who are doing this? I'm also thinking about chickens. I should mention that this is all conceptual and contingent upon a move out of the city. But I'm looking at property with .25 acres and think it would work. I just want someone to tell me it can. I will continue my membership in the various CSAs (veg,grain,coffee,etc), I just want to rely on everything less. I have a lifetime of exposure to growing and I've logged years working outdoors in the dirt so this is not a half baked idea for me. Just wanted to provide some context and save some time with the responses. Thanks for your time.

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We do it, and its A LOT of work!  We have just under two acres, with a 4000 sq ft market garden, 10x20 greenhouse, and 50 chickens.  We probably put in, depending on the time of year, 2-4 hours a day and 6-10 hours+ on the weekend.  It is very rewarding, though.

Whilst I am sure that you will get lots of practical advice, help and direction my contribution is simply..."if you want it badly enough, you will make it happen" - I left the big city and a good job - I'm not running a farm but just making a start on a one acre organic garden whilst working freelance (almost full time at the moment but it fluctuates and I never say no to work as it keeps the dream moving along), nursing a sick mother, built a house from scratch using individual craftsmen and battling the tropical elements including Hurricane Tomas and a 7.4 quake - I have done it pretty much alone, so all things are possible.  The list of "still to do" is long and like you includes chickens and possibly ducks, but I'm getting there one step at a time......(I know it's easier said than done, but believing it's possible, is a great first step).  I wish you well in your new adventure  : )


Just do it. if it's what you want, then dont let anything stop you!!!

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