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Rinse out bottle thoroughly. Drill plenty of holes in the cap. To allow air to flow into the bottle and keep the water free flowing, cut a hole near the cap in
the handle – not to close to the cap, otherwise the water spills out
there, too.

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That is such a genius idea! Can't wait until I run out of detergent to try this.
This is great, thank you for linking it. I need a watering can but just keep postponing the purchase since there are so many expenses for renovating the house right now. I'm making one asap. :))
This is brilliant!
This is great!

This is a great idea, better than buying  a $ 15.00-$20.00 for a store bought can.


In His Work, Edwin

I have two empties that I've been keeping for ages wondering what to do with them....now I know! Thanks for this : )




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