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I planted Nasturtium as a "trap crop" for aphids in my city garden. They're already getting covered by these little black critters (assuming they're aphids), but the Nasturtium haven't even bloomed yet. I am sad to think that I should be pulling these plants already, so I have been researching what beneficial insects are higher on the food chain? What critter can I attract that will eat the aphids? Answer: LADYBUGS.

So... my question is: Other than providing a buffet of aphids, how do I attract ladybugs?

Has anyone ever used wheast? It's apparently a mixture of equal parts yeast and sugar added to water that is like potato chips for our speckled little friends.

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Hey, look what I found this morning!! Ladybug larvae!

I'd still like to hear about the effectiveness of wheast, but isn't nature incredible??!!

People in India and Pakastan use diet Coke and diet Pepsi to control bugs.  hehehe

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