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I'm remodeling my bathrooms and I've decided to go for eco-friendly one this time. I read in an article that, in the long run, greening bathrooms can save money by conserving water consumption and eliminating health risks of chemical ridden cleaners. Thus, I have decided to go for low-flow toilets for conserving water. I've also planned to go with low cost natural mold killers than heavy duty toxic cleaning agents. 

I want suggestions on the best plants for my bathroom since they would keep air fresh improving the aesthetics of the space. I want suggestions on plants which crave for low light. I found an article which says, Aloe, Bamboo, Orchid, Snake plant, Spider are good choices (http://www.dispenser.com/blog/organizedbath/how-to-choose-the-right...). Any other suggestions on greener bathrooms and plants. Thanks in advance. By the way the renovation is planned for the latter part of next month.

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Hey, Carol...

Nice blog... I was also planning on renovating the bathroom but never thought of an eco-friendly. Well, now I think that's the better option. thanks for sharing... :)

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