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I was so excited when my arugula seeds sprouted into hopeful little microgreens. I dutifully watered them with a gentle misting - I thought I was being careful not to overwater or let them dry out...alas, fallen soldiers - all of them. Sad, withered sprouts now lay across the potting mix.
Sigh...what did I do wrong? Does anyone have any ideas? I kept the flat in my kitchen, which stays pretty warm - I know that greens like cooler temperatures - was that a mistake?
I'm ready to try again, and am looking for advice on how to do it right this time.

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This is what makes Twitter awesome:
@coopdevillefarms says:
@HOMEGROWNdotORG ..sounds like your arugula suffered from 'damping off' http://bit.ly/5d7EKY ...you should be able to plant outside from seed.

Great, informative article - why oh why does it need to be so complicated though? I'm in an apartment and can't grow outside until spring. I will not be daunted - I WILL try again!
Let me know what ends up working! I just bought a packet of some kind of heirloom salad seeds at the botanical gardens that eventually will (theoretically) go into sub-irrigation/self-watering planters, but I've never started seeds before and I'm a nervous nelly about it. Good luck!
I will keep you (and all) posted on my progress. Other helpful tweets from coopvillefarms:

@HOMEGROWNdotORG In what planting zone do you live, arugula loves the cold and needs it to germinate.

@coopdvillefarms I'm in zone 6a/6b - could I put it on my covered porch for December? It is very mild here lately.

@HOMEGROWNdotORG ...i say go for it, even a few scrumptious leaves harvested in the dead of winter would be a success in my book!...cont'... gardening is the original science experiment so have fun with it! You get an A+ either way!

@coopdvillefarms Thanks very much for the pep talk - I'm goin' for it!

It's supposed to snow on Saturday, but weather be damned! Also, a very helpful post over at "In My Kitchen Garden" blog here
I started sprouting recently- and watering twice a day is a must! You will need to do more then just a must- I also wrote a post on how to sprout- Its pretty easy, but watering...




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