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This year my girlfriend and I were talking about our garden, when something about peanuts came up. At that instant, we looked at each other and said, we can try to grow peanuts! After a little research on how to plant and harvest them, we went to the store and bought a bag of raw, unroasted peanuts.


I was very unsure if this would work, but that is what other people do, so we tried it. Well, they got off to a slow start, but we started seeing little plants emerge, and before we knew it, we had nice big legumes growing!


I would encourage everyone who enjoys peanuts, and who isnt allergic to them, to try this. They take up alot of room!, and take the whole growing season. In fact they need 4-5 months! If you keep an eye on them and watch how the peanuts actually grow, its pretty darn cool! Kinda like potatoes, you get alot of peanuts per plant.


So anyone who likes to try something new and likes peanuts, I would def. recommend this. But remember, they need the ground to be atleast 65 degrees F. before planting, and need at least 4-5 months growing time. When the leaves start turning yellow and brown in the fall and when frosts start, its time to dig them up. After digging, they need to sit for at least a week or more someplace warm and dry to cure. Most people recommend leaving them on the plant for this, but I pulled them off and let them sit in my barn rafters on a piece of window screen.


After curing, you can roast them right away, if you plan on eating them pretty quick, or I put them in freezer bags and threw them in the freezer. They will last indefinetly like this supposedly. When I want some peanuts, I just take a bag out of the freezer, put em on a baking sheet in the oven at 350-375 for about 30-45 mins.



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