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Hi to all! Here's a program that I'm developing. I would love to have other's input. Please share any ideas about possible communities, mentors, partners, logos, etc. with me via the address below or on the HomeCorps wall.




HomeCorps seeks to engage rural youth through community action in shaping the future of their lives and the communities in which they live.

HomeCorps is a nonprofit program that pairs graduating high school seniors in rural areas with successful community mentors of similar interests. The program offers young men and women a financial incentive, or sign-on bonus, for remaining in their home communities for the year following graduation to work on a community-oriented project of their design with guidance from program administrators and their community mentor. 


• To counteract dwindling populations of young rural residents by…

1. Fostering a connection to the people, landscape, and culture of their place.

2. Offering a counter-narrative to the myth of “success” which often dictates that young people must leave their home communities to be successful.

3. Offering a substantial financial incentive ($10,000 per student) as an alternative to the sign-on bonuses offered for military service, which many rural youth see as their only option for furthering their education or making a way for themselves. 

4. Instilling in these youth that while education and life experiences are to be encouraged and are beneficial, it is possible to live a fulfilled and economically viable life in their home community.

5. Empowering youth to have a measurable impact in addressing community needs (economic, social, and cultural) through their service project.

6. Supporting and nurturing the next generation of community members and leaders in rural America, beginning at home.

For more information contact:

Rachel Reynolds Luster,
Program Director

RR 2 Box 2147
Thayer, MO 65791



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