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HOMEGROWN Holiday gifts - Are you making any of your gifts?

There are so many amazing DIY gift ideas out there - what are you making? Matt here in the Farm Aid office made and bottled infused boozes, then crafted a personalized and FUNNY cocktail "cookbook" to accompany them. Horseradish vodka for the most kickin' bloody Mary ever - brilliant!

What are YOU making this holiday season?

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Funny you ask, I should be finishing my neice's crocheted scarf instead of playing on the internet haha ;) Besides that, I might put together a couple vintage aprons for my Mom and Grandma. Of course, I am always bringing some kind of food stuffs to holiday parties, too.
Hopefully I can share some boozified goodness with the office soon. I've infused some other liquors before for fairly easy gifts before. Some of them only take a couple days (the aforementioned horseradish vodka, or something like jalapeno-infused tequila for some killer margaritas); others can take several weeks. I must say that one of the more involved, but absolutely delicious recipes I've used recently is this one for Spiced Apple Cider Rum. Sure, the recipe specifies vodka, but I substituted gold rum for a truly awesome beverage delicious on its own. Over 15 days of infusing, it took a lot of willpower to avoid over-sampling it as the days passed. I can't recommend it enough.

Another gift idea could be some homemade brandied cherries. I can't stand the fake maraschino cherries you get in drinks at most bars, so these make a great homemade alternative.

And since people can't live on booze alone, chocolate is in order. Aztec Chocolate Bark, that is. Really tasty, easy to make, unique, and loved by (practically) everyone.

While you're at it, a variety of glazed nuts are always appreciated. Here are a few great recipes.

I also want to give a quick shoutout to others in the Farm Aid office. Many tasty, creative, and useful homegrown gifts were exchanged - what a great way to show you care.
I saw a really neat infused liquor setup in the Old New French Bar in Asheville this weekend. They had made several types of infusions (beware the habanero tequila) using those sun-tea pitchers and marbles...... they had filled the vessel up to its tap with glass chips or marbles, so the sediment from the fruit did not get into the infusion. Neat little idea. Those pitchers are a dime a dozen in the Goodwill. I'm sure marbles are easy to find also, considering so many people lose theirs.
This year I made sheet music wreaths. I got some old hymnals that were damaged and took out the Christmas section. I called the pastor before ripping up a hymnal, he said it was OK and liked the idea of recycling. The large wreath is just cones and copious amounts of hot glue, with a recycled bucket lid for backing. The smaller ones are origami (easy skill level, instructions online) with small devotional images inset. Folded wreaths: http://domesticali.typepad.com/domesticali/2008/11/origami-wreath-

That's awesome!
I am making chocolate truffles (NYTimes had a really good, and pretty easy, recipe a few weeks ago, basically just baking chocolate, cream, and a few tablespoons of your favorite booze or flavoring) , candied pecans, gingerbread men, and possibly oat crackers to give this year.

I also infused vodka with quince that I bought in September.
My girlfriends and I do a homemade gift exchange every year. This year, I'm just doing some easy decoupaged bracelets, but next year, I'm planning to embrace the wild nature of mint and grow/dry enough for jars of mint tea for everyone. Well, mint and camomille. We're significantly expanding our garden this year, so hopefully it will be tea and pasta sauce or something. I really love the infused liquor idea--that would be a huge hit with this group.
I'm going to make Christmas tree ornaments from used light bulbs. I remember doing this back in the Cub Scouts. With the threaded end up, paint or draw right on the bulb. Then glue a string to the threaded end and wrap some construction paper around and you have a cool tree ornament.
My 5 year old son saw some homemade gift tags and wants to try this himself, so we're collecting brown paper, ribbons, buttons and loads of other bits and bobs in anticipation. I've also collected some pine cones for the children to decorate too. I'm making apple chutney and orange marmalade as gifts.
awesome topic! I do handmade soaps and hand knit items:)
I have been sewing napkins, drying fruit and making chevre. BUT, I really want to make goat's milk soap.....anyone have a good recipe?
In years past I have made up extra & canned extra jam & jellies, along with specific gift giving recipes like jalapeno jelly, or carrot cake jam. This year I barely canned due to working full time & a poor harvest so I will so thru my cellar shelves to see what is available. Last year I bottled up homemade apple cider vinegar from gifted cider. Wire bail beer bottles were bought at a bottle & can redemption center for a nickel each. Using wire bail meant no need for a cork lid.
In the past we have made cookies & fudge reusing Christmas tins either collected for free or bought secod hand often for a dime or less. We have also made cordials from foraged berries bottled in bud vases.
Gotta say that Horseradish Vodka sounds wonderful. I really need to do an inventory soon so I won't be caught short.

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