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We’d like to take a moment and extend a heartfelt note of gratitude to HOMEGROWN’s founding shepherdess, the incomparable Cornelia, who leaves the Farm Aid fold this week for new adventures in new pastures. This community wouldn’t exist without you, Cornelia, our visionary and our advocate. 

Want to send some good wishes Cornelia's way? Please post your comments below! Good luck, Cornelia—and thanks, everyone!


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Come baaaaaaaaaack! (Only kidding. Sort of.) You built this website on food, love, and rock and roll, which makes it our duty to rock on in your honor. Thanks for teaching all of us how to share and cook and bake and make butter and seedbombs with grit and heart and passion. WE LOVE YOU! 

Every story I hear from you I feel a little more inspired to chase all of my crazy goals. From your time as a journalism major at Northeastern to your work at record labels all the way to everything you've done at Farm Aid and HOMEGROWN, you've had a truly incredible journey!

And then, the little chicken turned and gave the old barnyard a fond and heartfelt glance, stepped gingerly through the hole in the fence and into the adventures beyond. Good bye little chicken.


Cornelia, it's been inspiring working and brainstorming with you on Homegrown and Farm Aid. To All Tomorrows Parties!

Cornelia, we are SO GOING TO MISS YOU! Definitely keep in touch as I want to hear all about your new adventures! Thank you for working so tirelessly on Homegrown.org! 

Awww...Shucks....Sniff. Jennifer, you're a rock star. Thank you for your incredible efforts here. The place really feels like a tribe of friends sitting around a big dinner table.

It kind of feels like I'm sending my child off to college and I'm running away with the circus, but, oh, the adventures ahead.

Thank you, Toni, Dyan, Jon and Rachel - and all you HOMEGROWN folk I've known over the years. You guys are the real deal. We don't need rules and fences are only to keep the predators out. Rock on, y'all.

Love to each and every one of you. Adios!

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