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The following 101, on how to make homemade chocolate syrup, comes from HOMEGROWN member Cynthia, the smart cookie behind the blog A Life Beyond Money. Thanks so much, Cynthia, and please keep the good ideas simmering!


Do you crave chocolate milk? How about a sundae with chocolate syrup drizzled over the top? As for me, I love chocolate syrup in my morning peanut-butter-and-banana smoothie. What I don't love are all of the scary ingredients in a bottle of the store-bought stuff. Fortunately, whipping up homemade chocolate syrup is not only doable, it's ridiculously easy and tastes just as wonderful as anything you can buy. Here's how!



» 1 ½ cup organic sugar (You can use white, raw, brown, or a mix, although brown makes for the richest flavor.)

» 1 cup unsweetened baking cocoa

» 1 tsp salt

» 1 cup water

» 2 tsp vanilla extract (Make your own using the Homemade Extract 101!)

» Whisk

» Pot, large enough to leave 2 inches of headspace for expansion

» Storage container (mason jar, old syrup bottle, empty vodka bottle, etc.)

» Funnel



Sift together the sugar, baking cocoa, and salt, breaking up any clumps.

Put those dry ingredients in a medium pot then whisk in the water until the consistency is uniform. Heat the pot over medium low heat, stirring frequently to keep from burning and occasionally scraping the sides.

Boil until the syrup reduces by a quarter or so—about half an hour. You want the syrup to be thick, but don't worry if it still seems a little runny. It will thicken considerably as it cools.


Remove the pot from heat and let cool 10 minutes before stirring in the vanilla extract. Pour the results into your storage container, using the funnel to avoid a hot, sticky mess. Allow the syrup to cool completely before putting a lid on your container. Your syrup will keep in the fridge for several months.


I don't like wasting a single bit, so after I have scraped as much syrup from the pan as I can, I add some milk and heat the reamainder for a wonderful hot chocolate.


This recipe is flexible, and after you've made it a time or two, you might want to experiment. You can try using honey or agave nectar instead of granulated sugar; just be sure to decrease the amount of water. You can mix half white sugar with half brown sugar. You can add orange extract for a chocolate-citrus syrup or mint for a HOMEGROWN peppermint patty effect. Make it your own!



Got a question for Cynthia or a recipe to share that calls for chocolate syrup? Post your comments below and keep the conversation rolling! You might also be interested in the Homemade Extracts 101 (think vanilla, peppermint, almond, etc.), Homemade Horchata 101, Apple Molasses 101, or Cynthia’s Simple Syrup and Flavored Syrups 101. Plus, don’t miss Cynthia’s 101s on smart ways to use bacon grease, apples, and stale bread, or on making bone broth, crafting tote bags from t-shirts, roasting coffee, and brewing dandelion coffee. You can always find more things to make, craft, plant, grow, cook, preserve, and simmer in the HOMEGROWN 101 library.



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I wanted to share this on my facebook page, but I got this message when I clicked the "share" button:  Error--App Not Setup: The developers of this app have not set up this app properly for Facebook Login."

Looking forward to trying this.  My husband and son love to drink chocolate milk, but I hate reading the ingredients on the back of the bottle!

Jennifer: Thanks for letting us know! Working on it now and will give a yell when it's fixed.

Cool!  I shared it anyway, just through more traditional means.  Thanks for the recipe--I hate buying the stuff in the grocery store but couldn't find a recipe to make my own before now--just lots of hot fudge sauce, which is delicious but not good for chocolate milk!

So glad you're happy to find it—and thanks for wanting to share it with others. I *think* the Facebook "like" button should be working now. Want to be the HOMEGROWN guinea pig and test it out?

Worked perfectly!  Now, I look reeeeeeeeeeeally excited about chocolate syrup!

Hee hee. Nobody should give you a hard time about it, though. Homemade chocolate syrup is exciting stuff! Thanks again for your help.

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