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I've been using homemade deodorant for about 6 months now, using a recipe similar to this one (most all recipes are similar) with great results.  I've conducted several informal interviews (with people I feel comfortable asking) as to whether or not I stink...all nos.  I'll never use anything else, no more chemicals, no more pore-cloggers.  The linked recipe and all the other ones I've seen on the interwebs use half-pint mason jars, with the application done by hand, like Tussy brand.  I tried this, didn't like it because of the residue on my hands.  I remelted the batch I had in the jars, and poured it into an empty Tom's stick container.  Much nicer, no leaks, no residue. 

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I love homemade deodorant! Thanks for the great recipe! A really simple recipe I use for deodorant is just to mix: baking soda, cornstarch, and coconut oil (I use Spectrum Organic Virgin Unrefined Coconut Oil). You can add essential oils to it if you want a certain fragrance. I keep mine in a tin, but this recipe is also the consistency that can be molded into an empty deodorant stick. You can also buy deodorant stick containers here: https://www.containerandpackaging.com/item.asp?item=M293
Thank you both! I've tried baking soda, alone and with cornstarch, and didn't care for it. I haven't tried adding any oil tho so it's next. Toms is great but pretty expensive.

Deodorant is one of the last things I have to conquer. That and dish soap. I make my own moonpads, toilet paper, facial scrub and cleanser, cold press soap, baking soda hair wash, vinegar rinse, laundry powder & rinse, insect repellent, wine ..........
I just might try this recipe. We stopped using deodorants last year because of the funky, bad-for-you ingredients, but my 14 yr.-old needs something a bit stronger. We've tried Tom's, but it gave me a rash, and wasn't strong enough for husband and son. Now I just use baking soda (which works just fine for me), but my husband and son went back to regular deodorant (which I hate). Thanks for sharing! :)
Hi, I tried to pull up the homemade deodorant recipe but it keeps coming back with a unsuccessful page error. Can you please post the recipe again. I bought the shea butter and cocoa butter but I forgot what else you used. Thank You so much for sharing.




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