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I am looking for a recipe and or tips on  making your own sunscreen. I have had skin cancer and do not want to risk any more damage by the sun... but hate using sunscreen with all the chemicals. Any help or idears??

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I make a blend of bees wax, shea butter, sunflower oil and 10% zinc oxide.  Its thick stays on well in water and we had no sun burns last summer:)

Nice! Do you remember the ratio you used for the oils? I can't wait to give it a try!
about 1 part bees wax 2 parts Shea butter 1 part sunflower oil. you can add more sunflower oil if the consistency is to thick.  When it was still warm I used a hand blender to add the zinc. Basicaly it is like making a salve but a bit less wax.
Whoa, I never thought about homemade sunscreen! I did just get myself a gigantic wide brimmed hat for the summer so hopefully that will provide some protection.

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