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Teeth: We’ve got to take care of them. How else would we keep eating all of those delicious tomatoes and pickles and pies? Below, a recipe for homemade toothpaste that’s as simple as 1 (brush), 2 (spit), 3 (rinse).



Because we’re storing our toothpaste in a small vial, “parts” for us meant ¼ teaspoon.

» 6 parts baking soda

» 2 parts hydrogen peroxide

» 2 parts water

» 1 part aloe vera

» 1 part vanilla (or peppermint or whatever) extract



Measure. Mix. Done. Yep, it’s that easy. We beat our goop with a fork in a small bowl then funneled it into a vial that most recently—and conveniently!—held a vanilla bean. This jar size seems ideal since our final result is more liquidy than commercial toothpaste, and this jar lets us dunk the toothbrush right in.

Worth noting: If you see some separation between ingredients, just give your toothpaste a good shake before using. Also worth noting: Our teeth haven’t felt this clean and slippery since we got our braces off in ninth grade. (Yes, we were nerdy ninth graders with braces. And no, we don’t usually brush our teeth in the backyard, but the light in our bathroom? Oy. Not good for photography. Or mirrors.)


Got your own recipe for maintaining those pearly whites? Post it below and keep the conversation rolling. If you’re feeling especially crafty, you might check out the Homemade Extracts 101, where you can get step-by-step instructions for making a key toothpaste ingredient. More 101s worth a gander: Homemade SunscreenTinctures, Dishwashing Detergent, Laundry Detergent, and Cold-Process Lye Soap. You can swap ideas and tips on other goodies in the Homemade Cosmetics group, and you can always find more things to make, craft, plant, grow, cook, preserve, and spit in the HOMEGROWN 101 library.




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