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 We finally dug the sweet potato's from the garden on Wednesday, we have at least twenty pounds. My question is how do I store them so they can be used over a period of a couple of weeks? I don't have a root cellar, but do have a small greenhouse with no heat  and shelves inside. Or could they be stored on the back porch?  Thanks Ellen from Georgia

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There was a great article in Mother Earth News (June/July 2011) about all things sweet potato.  Below are a few tips from the article:  Sweet potatoes are tropical plants and the storage roots (tubers) start to "shiver" at 50 degrees.  You fridge is too cold for sweet potato storage (too small for 20 lbs., as well).  If they are stored at too cool a temperature they will they will "shiver" and in less than a day, the once living, breathing, healthy sweet potato will die.  

Sweet potatoes really should be cured, starting on harvest day.  The ideal is to cure them at 85 to 90 degrees for five days.  (I have put them in a closed room with my food dryer going for several days with some luck).  After curing, you can leave the sweet potato at room temp without much moisture loss.  Without curing the sweet potato will last only a month or two in storage.  Curing also helps develop the flavor.  

Hope this is some help.

Hi Sue Gee    I did leave them in the house for two days but the temperature didn't reach 85 more like 75. Thanks for the information.   Ellen from Georgia

And some comments from HOMEGROWN's Facebook page:

You really don't want to store them at temperatures below 50 degrees.  If they get too cold they won't keep well.  

Hi Sue      I baked the sweet potato's mashed them then used the food saver and they are in the freezer. I will be using some for Christmas dinner. Thanks for the information, wish I had a root cellar that is a dream of mine to get one. Here in North East Georgia we are finally getting some colder weather, nothing like the North West sure you have snow by now. Very seldom do we get a dusting of snow, once every five or six years we have no idea of how to drive in snow.

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