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How does someone take an idea for the community and make it grow?

I have this idea, this Johnny Tomato-Seed wish to get packets of organic, heirloom tomato seeds into the hands of people who don't usually garden - with the hope of getting folks to grow tomatoes on balconies, front porches, where ever they can plop down a pot in the sun.

How does a person take a crazy idea and turn it into reality? I can't buy the seeds myself and unless I had a method for distribution set up, I wouldn't solicit seeds from seed suppliers. Right now the idea is just floating around in my brain. Any advice on getting it beyond the confines of my own skull?

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     I'd recommend getting hooked up with Seed Savers Exchange, in Decorah, Iowa.  The members have the best and most varieties of tomato seeds that I know of.  Source them on the internet and give them a call!

Start small, maybe set up one free workshop at a local library, school, or someplace like that. Give each person at the workshop several packets of seeds and planting instructions to share with their family and friends. Let the word spread!


Also, see if there is already an organization in your area that hosts free gardening workshops and seed giveaways, there may already be something like that out there that you can hook up with.

Most every small community has a garden club... 

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