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Not only am I battling Japanese Beetles daily but I found these in my beans this morning.

They were not there when I did my last harvest on Monday but I was too busy yesterday to ten the garden.  UGH!

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Are they rabbits?  I have to say...they are quite cute.  What are you going to do with them?
Found them in the beans huh? Must be "Beany Babies"! Sorry, couldn't help myself.
Pat - you are so funny hahaha -- still laughing hahaha
Ohmygoodness! That is a quandary... Ha, Pat!

Ok all baby bunnies are gone as of today.  I think I had a hand in the  death of one.  while there eyes were not open I found on way off from the nest and with gloved hands moved it back.  The next day I found one dead.  Went out this morning to get more bean and there were none left so mama moved them or they open there eyes and left.  I am sure though not far.


Oh wow! I was going to say they were pretty cute too but sorry to hear of their demise. Well, once they are buried they will become compost for your plants.

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