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I facelifted this from Canning Across America, via the NYT


Immigrant Identities, Preserved in Vinegar


Thought is was a nice article on how cultural identity can prevail even against reform programs.  Just curious which foods Homegrowers still use to keep in touch with their heritage?



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I had a really sweet moment once when I brought the book Wild Fermentation in to a restaurant where I used to work. One member of the kitchen crew from Nepal was really excited to see a traditional Nepalese method for fermenting greens and told me how he remembered making similar fermented recipes as a kid. The head chef from El Salvador was excited to see the chicha recipe and told me how he remember his dad making a kind of fermented fruit drink with tequila that he would drink before going to work at 4 a.m. every morning. They both had really fond memories and family ties that connected them to the recipes. I am happy those recipes are being re-lived somewhere!

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