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We have a super abundance of Kale, some of our older plants are starting to flower. We have cut the tops and ate them, but I heard you could sprout the seeds as well. Has anyone done this?

Tips or tricks?

Should I let the seed dry out on the stalk, or should I cut and let them dry. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Also any more recipes or ideas on how to cook and eat the flowers would be great!

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Kale is a biennial, and can overwinter in milder climates.  The seeds are mature when they turn black and dry.  Harvesting can be a little tricky, as the pods like to shatter.  You could twist tie a paper bag over the seed pods, cut the stem, invert and shake them into the bag.

Thanks Torry! Should I put the bag over the seed pods as soon as they start to flower, or wait until I notice it turning black and drying out? And is that when I should sprout them?


Do you eat the flowers?

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