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Up-cycle some canning jars to make spooky lanterns that will light a frightful path on Halloween! This project was adapted from Karen Lee's post on How-to: Mummified Glass Jar Candles. I didn't have all of the recommended materials on-hand, so I improvised, and I think my mummy looks frightfully delightful!




  • Newspaper
  • Paintbrush
  • Wide-mouth glass jar (canning, mason, ect.)
  • Gauze (or cheesecloth)
  • Wheat flour 
  • Water
  • Glue
  • Black construction paper




1. Prepare the mummy's cloth strips by cutting long strips of your material.  If you're using gauze, root around in a First Aid kit for a roll, instead of purchasing new.  Cheese cloth also works well and looks a bit more authentic.


2. Mix together your flour and water to make a paste.  It should be the consistency of thin gravy. Some add white glue to this mixture, but I had none handy, so I used rubber cement to affix the gauze strips in place around the jar, wrapping like a mummy, instead of working in the traditional paper-mache method.


3. I used a paintbrush to add a few coats of the wheat paste to the gauze.  I made sure to coat sparingly - the gauze should be moist, not dripping in wheat paste. The paste gives the lantern an authentic color/look/texture of a real mummy!



4. Let your mummy dry overnight. When ready use black construction paper to cut out faces for your lanterns. Use rubber cement to affix to the mummy lantern.



5. Put a beeswax candle (or electronic flame) inside and place outside for trick-or-treaters. 



 For more Halloween craft ideas, check out the HOMEGROWN 101: Make and Craft Library!

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cool idea ... have to  try this for halloween

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