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I am looking for roundish luffa.  Does anyone seeds for it?  I can't find it on commerical sites, and know it must be out there...  I will either trade seeds or send money or what ever anyone would like in exchange!




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HOMEGROWN did an event with GOOD Magazine - GOOD December - and one of the urban farmers we invited was Tara Kolla from Silver Lake Farms.
Here's a picture of her loofah - and seeds!

Follow the link to the photo and you'll see a comment from another loofah grower. Hopefully, between the two of them, you'll be able to find a resource. Good luck and keep us posted!
Other fun photos from that event:

I was looking thru the Burpee catalog and I know I saw it there. Apparently you can eat it!
How on earth id I miss this post! I tried growing luffa last spring/summer and failed to even sprout some. I may have bought duds. If you were successful let me know - I'm out on the Olympic peninsula and will be trying again to start them in January -inside this time :)
Last spring I started them under lights indoors. The plants were beautiful, growing just as they should... I put them out side and for a time they were happy! My hopes were up!... but then I think it got too cold or something and they died, just like that. I cried a bit but then became distracted by the pumpkins. I think I would wait until march to start them indoors just because the little guys get cold earlier and if you keep them indoors too long I think they will outgrow their little pots. Just my guess. I will try again in the spring as well. Good Luck!!!

Michelle I had exactly the same problem! I was so excited to grow luffa and started the seedlings a bit too early. They got really big in their pots and I didn't harden them off well enough, so once I transplanted them they died. Waah! I'm definitely going to try again this year though!

So glad I found this discussion. I have grown luffa years before in the garden. I trained them to go up cattle panels. It wasnt such a great deal because it takes so much space.  Last year I started a few plants indoors at the end of February and waited until the end of March to take them outside. Luffa requires a LONG growing season. SO the earlier you can start them the better. I planted them outside my chicken house & got a HUGE crop. I have several thousand seeds if you would like to send me a self addresses stamped envelope. Sorry, I use the mail for very little. Here is a pic of the plants. I dont think I have any of the resulting fruits.

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