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I've recently built a compost bin, as I was transferring my compost into the new bin I discovered quite a few larva like worms of some kind. Now I'm a total novice when it comes to this and I'd like to know what they are and how or if I should deal with them. I live in south eastern Louisiana and if anyone knows what these are and what to do about it I'd appreciate it.



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I've added the picture you attached here. Good luck!

looks like a Japanese beetle grub to me!


Renee Garner said:

looks like a Japanese beetle grub to me!

And here's the word from HOMEGROWN's Facebook page:


These guys have all three displayed. Looks like it depends on the size.

I always thought they were the immature June bugs. I am here in Wisconsin.  My chickens love these grubs. I always give my chickens the run of the garden for a while before I plant.

 Let them in the garden with you while you turn over the dirt and they will dig around and eat these grubs till nightfall and come back for more the next day.. Pretty soon... no more grub problems. :)

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