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I just wanted to introduce myself to the group.  I am more a wanna be homegrown but trying REAL hard to get there!  I live in suburbia but try and do my part to grow my own, buy local, support organic, etc.


I have a blog called Turning the Clock Back that promotes green and healthy living.  I do reviews and giveaways for natural products, have coupons and freebies for organic things, and include recipes to encourage cooking from scratch.


I hope to learn more about things like making my own cheese and bread (I cannot make bread!  Yeast must hate me!)


Looking forward to getting to know you all!



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Hi Diane! We all have to start somewhere!! This is a good site to start with. My Husband and I are also new to the homesteading but we are taking the time to learn all that we can by gathering information from all the various topics here and on other sites. My Dad is the Baker of our family and he has passed that family tradition (and recipe for bread) on to me.  So many things figure in to how your bread turns out... humidity, storms, heat, your mood, and your techniques. Believe it our not, you could tell Pop's mood just by eating the bread. If he was in a bad mood or not feeling good, the bread never turned out.  I am not a pro at this yet, by any means. But, I do have access to Pop's brain and can pick it for information. The next time you try to bake bread, shoot me a message about how it turns out. If it doesn't come out right, let me know the details and I will shoot a message to Pop and see what he has to say. And any other questions you might have! We'll do the best we can to help out! Happy Growing & Baking!

Yeast doesn't hate you, it just wants to make beer instead of bread. I suggest you let it!

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