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My hairdresser recommended the pricey WEN products for my fine curly hair, but I (of course) want to know how to cheaply make it myself.

Here is one recipe I've found (she adds vanilla bean and cinnamon).

Does anyone have others they would recommend?

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Here's one: 2-3 tbsp soapwort root, 1-2 cup water, herbs to scent or treat. Boil soapwort, simmer about 20 min. Strain. One bummer is: can't make it in bulk, only lasts for about a week and a half. One plus: easily grown, soapwort (Saponaria spp.) is sometimes sold under the common name Bouncin Bet. At least you can grow it in bulk!
This is not a recipe, but it's definitely an alternative to harsh chemical shampoos. Try our truly natural Yucca Root Shampoo & Body Bar. Lots of people swear by it, including me. We suggest a vinegar and water rinse or lemon juice and water rinse afterwards to promote shine.
I use 1 tbsp. baking soda to 1 cup water in an old squirt bottle. I use the entire thing in the shower and rinse. I then use 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar to 1 cup water, for a rinse. My hair is in an ear length bob, and it's a good ratio for me. It took a couple of weeks, my hair was in shock from using so many chemicals and commercial shampoos, for it to really feel right. I usually just brush and go in the morning or run my fingers through my hair. I also only do this about two days a week. The natural oils my scalp produces helps keep it clean and not greasy.
This is a blog post I wrote a couple months ago with my shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, and deodorant recipes. http://asimmeringpotandamom.blogspot.com/2010/02/back-to-bloggin-co...

I'm still trying to figure out the right balance and ingredients to get the desired outcome, I'm battling our absolutely horrible water! I recently went home to Washington and within days my hair looked amazing, just because they have such awesome water there!

The recipe I'm using is not a "No 'Poo" recipe, it has diluted vegan castile soap in it, but now I'm really curious to try this baking soda idea, maybe with a few essential oils or herbal teas added?
One of my favorite blogs did a whole series about WEN vs. a homemade version complete with recipe! http://thesavedquarter.com/2010/05/19/scratch-store-bought-wen-clea... I haven't tried it yet. Right now, I'm focusing on the Oil Cleansing Method for my face. LOVE. IT. Next up, dealing with this scary rat's nest called "my hair."
Angie said:
I use baking soda, and i add ginger and nutmeg powder(for scented) to it then add enough water to make a paste. Put only on your scalp area, let site for 30 or so seconds and rinse. My hair has never been so straight, i love it.
I've been wanting to try it... just so much cheaper than shampoo!! If for no other reason!! lol
Confession time:  I am a flakey person.   I was using baking soda with a vinegar rinse, followed by a tea tree oil condition for around 6 mos.  Flakes stopped.  I ran out of all these supplies, and decided to wait a week until payday and to go into town.  I used my partner's OTC *brandnameexcluded* shampoo for a week.  Flakes.  Then went back to BS&G+TO treatment.  No flakes.  Now, I'm not a scientist (oh, wait, I AM!) but I could hypothesize that one is better for my scalp and septic tank than the other.  Hmmm.....
I still haven't jumped ship yet on the shampoo & conditioner thing! Ug. But I noticed that I am getting flakes. Must try your solution. Old school baking soda and vinegar. Do you make your own tea tree oil conditioner? Or just toss the tea tree oil in the vinegar rinse?
I just keep a small dropper bottle handy.  I use 3-4 drops in hand, rub my hands together to spread it out, then work it into my scalp.  Works great for me, but I do keep my hair short.
Thanks for the tip, Torry!

I have been totally shampoo free for at least 3 years now and have healthier hair than ever! I do a shampoo free "wash" once a week. All I do is lather my scalp with water and my fingers in the shower. Sometimes I use an essential oil and rub a few drops all over my scalp to stimulate the roots. Massaging your scalp will help your hair grow!




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