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Parasitic (entomopathogenic) nematodes as organic pest control?

Hi guys and gals.  I'm wondering if any of my fellow Homegrown friends here have experience in using nematodes.

Back story is, I've been container gardening medium large-scale with a 6x3' SIP in sterile soilless mix (pro-mix, or 80% peat, 20% perlite/vermiculite), and while the very vast majority of pests have been minor or no issue, there are two that have been pestering me (badum ching): Flea beatles and (spinach?) leafminers.

Based on what I've read, these two aren't effectively controlled by pesticides inorganic or organic.  I'd like to stick to organic, and the more natural and safe for humans, the better.  Most control methods recommend the regulation of certain weeds, "trap cropping" and crop rotation, but those scenarios don't really apply well here.  

I did read on this site http://www.buglogical.com/flea-beetles/ that nematodes can be used as a biological control though I'd have to apply at least two types: Steinernema Carpocapse Nematodes (SC) and Steinernema Feltiae Nematodes (SF).  The problem is that I really know nothing about them, and so far haven't found much information about how effective they are, much less how they might fare in a scenario like mine.  

Will they do the job?  Will they survive acceptably in the promix?  Do I run the risk of setting loose a greater threat to my plants, given the controlled environment?  I don't really want to find out that I've set out lions to catch a small problem with mice, leaving me with a lion problem ;)  

Thanks for your input in advance.

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