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Getting back to basics we have invested in a whirly pop and have stopped using microwave popcorn.  This led to much grumbling from my oldest son who was raised on the very processed until healthy snack because it was easy and we all love the treat.


What I am looking for is what type of popcorn do you use and where do you purchase it.  Someone gave me a small bag of blue mountain popcorn and we found that the flavor was amazing.  I am looking to buy in bulk.


Also I am looking for tips on creating not just a bowl of popcorn but a unique snack.  What do you put on your popcorn.

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I try not to put anything on my popcorn since I'm diabetic. But I do enjoy a dribble of butter & a few shakes of  spaghetti cheese a.k.a. parmesan cheese. I know I've seen recipes for spice blends as in hot & spicy or sweet.

A few years ago daughters & I were in the Kiddron Ohio area well Cleveland, and visited Lehmans. youngest spent her cash on a variety pack of fancy popcorn of which I believe Blue Mountain was one. It was very good.

Bulk buying would diff be the way to go.


I am trying to find a place close to home that sells in bulk so I don't have to pay SH.  I like the idea of Parmesan cheese on it will try this tonight.
I use ground up dehydrated jalapenos and mix them in with salt to make Jalapeno Salt (like garlic salt) that I use on several things including popcorn. I'm sure you could also use other dehydrated veggies to make a less hot version of the enhanced salt.

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