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I am trying red potatoes for the first time this year.  My first issue with them was the dreaded Colorado potato beetle.  After diligence with picking off any beetles and removing any eggs under the leaves I haven't seen any in a while, so I think I have that under control.  However now I've noticed brown spots on all my leaves.  Here is a picture of what they look like:


Does anyone know what this is a symptom of?  Is it another bug (I haven't seen any on first glance).  Is it a disease?  Or is it some sort of a deficiency in the soil?  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. 


Next,  this is the 3rd year of my raspberry bush.  I've yet to get any raspberries.  This photo shows what they end up looking like. 



Sort of 1/4 developed on just some of the buds.  They looked like this last year too, but last year I thought that they would need another year to mature before giving me any edible fruit.  What is wrong with my bush?  My flowers in the spring on it are prolific, but then they just sort of wimp out.  And also how and when should I be pruning canes?  I'm not sure if I should be or if I am, which ones. 

I'd so appreciate any advice out there.

Happy gardening!

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