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These seem like a miss understood veggie.  I will admit I planted them and now I am asking what do I do with them.  I even have a neighbor willing to give me more.  Any help?

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I'm not planting any this year, because I really like them sprouted better. That said, if I had a lot of them, I'd just trim the tops and put those in salad!
It was a complete revelation when someone shared this recipe with me. I was drowning in radishes and couldn't take any more heart-burning raw ones in!

Thank you for the recipe


The blog chocolate and zucchini has a great recipe for radish leaf pesto. 



Kimchi! It's also a nice recipe to make because it takes a least a week, which buys you some time if you can't eat all those fresh veggies right away.



The Pesto sounds yummy, Aliza can you give me a recipe for Kimchi seems that there are many kinds


I am going to try roasting them (again -- the first time I tried it, for a different recipe, it recommended doing it in a pan on the stovetop and I burned them!!). This time I'll try this:  http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/Roasted-Radishes-with-...


I used a recipe from 'Quick and Easy Korean Cooking.' The only weird thing about the recipe is that usually you cover the fermenting veggies in a salt brine, but for the particular recipe I used you just toss the radishes with salt + sugar + ginger + green onion + spices. No water added. I checked the other recipes and they did add water... I've been checking on the kimchi and it seems like its doing fine, it's quite salty so hopefully the recipe is food-safe!


Sadly I didn't have time to run out to the Korean market for the proper kimchi chili spice, so I just threw in some chili-garlic sauce (like Sriracha) which I think should be fine.


David Leibovitz posted a nice simple recipe for kimchi: http://www.davidlebovitz.com/2008/03/kimchi-revisite/


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