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Removing some household hazardous waste... care to help..???

Hi all, I was hoping to get some insights on disposing of the household wastes like paints, cleaners, oils, batteries, pesticides etc. Our attic is filled with paints, as my husband has been painting our home for the past few weeks. Now being winter season, we are not able to properly ventilate our house. And the smell of paint is starting to suffocate us. As the painting is over, all these paints need to be disposed off. But once, I came across this article, which says that these kind of products are hazardous to the environment (generally called as Household hazardous waste). So, I was hoping to dispose it off properly by contacting a dumpster company. My neighbor suggested hiring a junk disposal services who will dispose it off accordingly. Will that be okay..?? Is there anything I need to take care of before hiring a disposal service.

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