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Hello everyone: My name is Mike and I live in Seymour, TN.  I am new to the site and hope to learn a lot and share what knoweldge I learn as well.  I am ashamed to say that after many years of gardening I am just now beginning to learn some of the right weays to do things.  One of those is with saving seeds.  I noticed the discussion did not have any comments on saving seeds.  So here it is.  Seed savers please comment on how you harvest and save seeds from different veggies, or flowers if you wish as well.  I am hungry to learn how to be more self sustaining in my growing starting of course with all heirloom plants.  Thanks for your comments in advance.

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Hi, Mike. We've got a few links on seed saving in general, as well as some tips for saving seeds from specifics crops (tomatoes, squash), in this 101, but fingers crossed you'll get a few direct responses from folks, too!

The easiest seeds to save are beans. All you have to do there is leave some pods on the vine til they dry into a leathery consistency. Break open the pods and put your dry beans in a jar or baggie til next spring! 

This year's seed saving experiments have been so exciting.  I am constanting learning more seed saving skills.  For the first time this year I plant all open pollinated, heirloom plants.  Although it has been a bit more effort to fight disease and pests it has been well worth it.   I have been able to preserve several tomato seed types this year expecially my all time favorite tomato to date which is a Black Krim.  Giant Caesar Romaine lettuce seeds were prolific until the aphids found the stems.  New plants this year include two new apple trees and two new goji berry plants.  This weekend I plant to rescue some half price pear and apple trees a the local nursery at the end of the season.  I think this is the first year that I have not gotten tired of gardening near the end of the season and I am already preparing for my new seed starting efforts this late winter to come.  I recently got an email from someone which had a list of things entitle you might be addicted to gardening if...  Oh, yeah !! Guilty as charged!

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