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Here are some tools to make your seedstarting schedule a bit easier to follow:


Start with Seed Starting Basics from Mother Earth News

Johnny's planner - when to start indoors and when to set outside

The Old Farmer's Almanac - also has best dates for planting by the moon

The Lazy Gardener's chart from You Grow Girl


Good luck and have fun!

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I have been using the Lazy Gardener's excel sheet for years; I have added stuff that I grow that is not on the chart, as well.


Works great!


This year I am playing with soil blockers for making seed starting and potting up blocks, to eliminate as much plastic as I can from the garden projects. Even though I always bleach and reuse my trays, pots and 6-packs until they will not hold soil any more... I like the idea of eventually letting them go bye bye.

Oh oh, another great resource is the Stella Natura calendar! Seriously, a beautiful guide to growing biodynamically. Shows you when to start your seeds, etc etc etc!
Here's a blog post I made a while back about making your own biodegradable seed cups! http://www.minetothine.com/2007/09/moving-some-things-around-seed-c...
All very helpful information! Thank you very much.

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