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Hi all-

I'm posting this on behalf of my partner, who's an avid cyclist and is currently racing in a number of cyclocross events through the winter. She'd like to make her own energy bars but has some diet restrictions. If any of you have suggestions or experience making your own energy bars, please let me know. Here's her request:

"I am a beginning bike racer (short-track and cyclocross) who has grown more food-aware with the help and support of a loving spouse. I would prefer to get away from commercially-processed foods, especially those with hydrogenated anything in them and MOST especially those that come wrapped in unsustainable effing mylar (boo! hiss!).

"Here are some particulars about what I want:

1. Must be compact in size, easy to carry in a jersey pocket.
2. Must be chewy and have a good mouth feel.
3. Must utilize CHOCOLATE. Don't even send me the recipe if there's no chocolate in it.
4. It CANNOT utilize tree nuts (esp. walnuts and pecans), as these cause digestive issues. Peanuts and/or peanut butter are totally fine, however.
5. It must be made from a relatively short list of ingredients I can easily obtain at the grocery store. Farmer's markets are nice but they have a season and I'd need to be able to make these things all the way into 'cross season (which runs into early December around here).
6. It really ought to have a decent shelf life -- I'd prefer not to have to whip these up the night before a race and then rush to eat them before they spoil the next day. How about a week or so?

Thanks for your help!

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Hi Liz -- not sure if any of these will fit the bill, but RecipeZaar.com returned 12 recipes for "energy bar" -- http://www.recipezaar.com/recipes.php?s_type=/recipes.php&q=ene...

We don't eat such things, but there might be other recipes there under some other name.

We find that site to be invaluable. (Like this one!)

Good luck!

Thanks, JoyfulC! I'll send the link on to my sweetie.

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