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I have a 2 year old hen stopped laying a month ago same as my other one but her comb was starting to get pale. I watched her a few days it had been really hot and humid thought maybe she was stressed. I noticed wet feather near her vent and I picked her up and her belly was really red, hot and bloated.

I have trolled every site on the internet and called about 25 vets but no help.

She has pooped out what looks like egg .

I have her on antiobitic and liquid calcium but she not improving.

If anyone has any ideas or may have experienced this any help would be appreciate it.

She is a pet so killing her is not my first option.

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Hi Rachel, I know I did all I could but it took to long to figure out the cause. There was no info on a spider bite or snake bite anywhere for a chicken. Atleast maybe by posting here it will save someone elses hen. I guess being from the north and not having such things I didnt think about it. Here in Tn there are different things to look out for like poison spiders,caterpillars and poisonous snakes. I probably will be looking for info to treat incase this happens again. I might have been more help knowing how to treat her 3 weeks ago.

Thanks for your input...




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