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I'm teaching a rather finicky group of middle-school aged students some basic culinary skills and recipes in an after school program. I am trying to find some recipes that expand their horizons without going overboard. I'm trying to find some that require simple ingredients and tools that can be found in the household of an average American (i.e. no red wine vinegar,  or  food processors). I am hoping to push things as we go but don't want to scare them off or intimidate them immediately. An additional challenge: our family and consumer science classrooms have left the building so I expect to have limited oven/stove cooking abilities initially.

So far I've come up with some fresh salsa, a simple oil-based vinaigrette, roasted vegetables, quick pickling, a carrot and yogurt sauce (for dipping)...  

Anyone have any recipe ideas, websites, or cookbooks that will offer this?


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How about stir fry? I just use a frying pan to make mine (no wok). Chop up some veggies, stir fry in a little oil, soy and spices to taste, boil up some rice to put it on and viola!

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And another:

Food Love Project The edible schoolyard has a lot of great resources for middleschoolers: http://edibleschoolyard.org/resources-tools?search=recipes&x=0&...

Thanks all!

I'm trying to get a stove/oven put BACK into the middle school - but we'll see. Until then I'll be limited to recipes that require no heat cooking! :(

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