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I want to tell everyone about the Solar Oven Society. Several years ago I bought one of their ovens and became a believer. I have used the oven a lot and it works really well. In addition to the oven being a good value and helping my carbon footprint reduction, the society does wonderful things for 3rd world contries with the money from the sales. Their site is http://www.solarovens.org/. This thing will bake eggs (same as boiled eggs) in 45 minutes. It will cook 2 whole chickens during the typical workday. I had used the more primitive solar ovens made from things like an innertube,board painted flat black and a piece of glass. While they worked to some extent I knew I could build a better one and started planning. However I could never come up with a plan that was as light and effiecient as the Solar Oven Society's oven so I bought one and was pleased. I became a dealer so I could get a good rate for my friends. Basically a dealer gets the shipping for free and I pass that savings on to my friends here in Pensacola. Anyway, I am not trying to spam up the site with an advertisment but rather provide an endorsement for a wonderful product.

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Thank you for this link. I was just thinking this morning about looking into a solar oven. :-)
Here is an idea too. Intensify your solar heat with Fresnel lens & parabolic mirrors.

Actually I have a the parabolic reflector accessory that you can buy with the SOS oven and it does indeed intensify the heat. However, the down side is that it gets so hot I have to keep a close eye on it or it will burn the food. Without the reflector I get about 230 degrees in the summer and that is about right for slow cooker cooking. The reflector increases that to over 300 degrees which is fine if you're baking but way too hot for un-attnded cooking. I guess you just have to determine what and how you want to cook and use the reflectors/mirrors if it makes sense and don't use them when you're doing slow cooking.

Omega Farms said:
Here is an idea too. Intensify your solar heat with Fresnel lens & parabolic mirrors.

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