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Speaking of venison---you won't believe this even after you read it!

It's deer hunting season.   My husband killed his first deer too!  It was, however, slightly unusual because he killed it in our living room.  Yes, he was in the living room when he killed it....and so was the deer.  On Tuesday afternoon, while 3 of my 4 kids were playing in the front yard and my youngest was napping in the house, a deer jumped through my girl's CLOSED bedroom window, severely injuring itself as it entered.  The deer continued down the hallway, through the house, bleeding as it went, into the kitchen and living room, throwing itself against doors and windows and walls trying to get out.  My husband managed to get into the house without encountering the deer, and he got his shotgun (our only firearm) just in case he needed it.  He was hoping to be able to get it out of the house without having to use it, but when he walked into the living room, the deer started to charge at him.  He shot it quickly and it died within a few seconds.  We've had a home restoration company come in (per the insurance company's calling them in) and cleaned much of the  broken glass and blood.  The carpet in the bedroom, hallway and living room has been ripped up so it can be replaced.  The hardwood floors have to be replaced from the deep gouges in floor that cannot be sanded.  The personal property inside the house that was blood covered and/or damaged is unbelievable.  A living room chair and couch are destroyed, come to find out that they are not covered by insurance.  The deer ran through my kids legos, breaking the sorting drawer that they were in to pieces and covering the 1000's of legos with blood and hair (also not covered).  We've been unable to stay in our home for the past 3 nights because of all chaotic mess it is right now!  Pretty much, it's been a disaster.  I don't recommend indoor hunting.  :)  Deer belong OUTSIDE! :)  I have pictures.....lots of pictures....but they're on my camera right now, so I can't share any tonight.

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I'm speechless!  I cannot even imagine...  

Omg this story is amazing!!! I hope everything is o.k. and you are getting things straightened out now.


My boyfriend got his first kill a few years ago on a college campus in Baltimore City when a deer jumped over a parked car, got tangled up and fell down a hill on the other side of the car, and was so badly injured it couldn't get up. He grabbed his hunting friend and they took the deer down and brought it home to process it. Definitely sharing this story with him now!

Wow,  I've heard of deer going through a store's large plate glass window but never into a house.  I'll just keep hunting out in the woods where I don't have to clean up after the deer...

Yes, good idea.  We're getting new carpet and paint and flooring, but I'm not sure it's worth the trouble, hassle, and stress! :)  I think the deer was seeing the reflection of the horizon in the window, got freaked out in the open with the kids around, and jumped through the window.  My husband is thinking of opening an indoor hunting range......

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