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My husband and son brew their own beer and until recently were tossing the spent grain.  My son found a recipe for natural dog treats using the grain and we have mixed up a couple batches. Of course the dogs love them.  But I can only have so many dog treats on hand (and I do share). Which started me thinking:  why are we wasting these grains? 

A little internet research brought up a few recipes.  I have some grain drying in the oven today (and several bags in the freezer) and will grind it into flour.  The plan is to use it in making pasta.  Of course there is the usual of using the grain in bread, but I am looking for any more ideas out there.  Someone mentioned a brewery making candy from the grain, but I haven't found anything that creative yet.

Any tried and true ideas out there?

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Janet: Just reposted this via social media. Fingers crossed we get some creative ideas! We'll grab anything that comes in from those channels and share it here. Thanks for the great question!

Thanks!  A couple of my "experiments" this last weekend had only so-so results, so I am still looking.

Just curious: What were those experiments?

I made flour by drying the grain in the oven all day (I don't have a dehydrator) at 170 degrees.  We then pulverized it into flour in a food processor.  The next day I made homemade noodles by mixing with whole grain white flour.  Recipe called for too much flour so the dough was not pliable enough to roll thin enough.  My husband like them but they never dried enough and were doughy after cooking.  I also made cheese crackers using the grain flour mixed with white flour and sharp cheese.  The taste was really good, but the recipe had an "error" and left out any liquid.  So in adding liquid to make it into a dough I added a bit too much and the crackers never quite crisped up enough in the oven.  Next time I will add a small amount of beer until a get a less wet dough.  They were really tasty.

You have to have a taste for whole grain flours to use this, because sweet white flour it is not.  But we are happy with that taste. 

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